Thursday , 25 April 2019


Baths have been used for centuries, not only as a place to bathe, but also as a place for healing, relaxing and enjoyment. After a work day or to spend good time with friends we invite You to our modern bathhouse located on the ground floor of the guest house „Aismares“, with separate entrance from the enclosed private yard.
Here you can try three different saunas:

•  Sauna or Finnish bath – very hot (90o-120oC) and dry sauna. It induces relaxation and promotes sweating, stimulates immune system, provides a cardiovascular workout – helps condition the heart.

• Steam or Turkish bath – big humidity and optimum temperature (40o-50oC). Steam bath opens pores, soothes sore muscles, increases circulation, and provides a generally relaxing and healthy experience.

• Infrared rays‘ sauna – this type of sauna heats not the air but the body directly.  It warms the body in the same manner as natural sunlight, removes toxins, enrich your blood with oxygen, what makes you feel more energetic.

In addition, you can enjoy swimming pool with underwater currents and cascade, where temperature of the water is continuously maintained at 28o-29o C. There is spacious recreation area in our bathhouse and we can serve food and drinks from the cafe „Aismares“ under your request.

Baths rents:

Price per hour
No. of persons

Sauna 35.00 EUR for 15 people Each extra person is charged 3 EUR per hour.

Stream bath
35.00 EUR for 15 people

Infrared rays‘ sauna 35.00 EUR for 15 people

Two saunas of your choice
40.00 EUR for 15 people

Full complex of saunas
50.00 EUR for 15 people Each extra person is charged 3 EUR per hour.

Swimming pool
24.00 EUR for 15 people Each extra person is charged 3 EUR per hour.


For detailed information and reservations please contact: phone 8 617 77399 and  8 46 420 195. email